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The term “Sugar Daddy” has started to appear in your life, online, on the websites you’re visiting, and even in your circle of friends?

If you’re wandering what’s it all about, here is a short introduction in what implies being a Sugar Daddy, how you can meet a Sugar Baby and some answers to the question “Can I become a Sugar Daddy?”

What's a Sugar Daddy?

A Sugar Daddy is a generous man that has the means and is whiling to use them, to support the lifestyle of a woman, also known as a Sugar Baby. The financial agreement between the two people involved into the sugar relationship can vary, depending on the needs and expectations of the Sugar Baby, and are set from the very beginning, so that there won’t be any misunderstandings between the partners involved in this kind of arrangement. Also, the terms of the relationship are being set from the very start, like if intimate relations will or will not be involved into the mix.

Why entering a Sugar Relationship?

The answer is simple: because of how fun and simple things can be. Everything is transparent and set up from the start, there are no jealousies, misunderstandings and things that can’t be discussed up front, there is no “meeting the parents” or “fitting into the group of friends”, so the stress of a conventional relationship is being ruled out.

Being a Sugar Daddy means being RICH – a MITH!

Being generous doesn’t automatically mean being crazy rich. And here we are answering another question that most of you have: “Can I be a Sugar Daddy?”.
Yes, you can!
As there are different type of men, with different financial backgrounds, so are different types of Sugar Babies. And we assure you that there is a Sugar Baby out there perfect for your lifestyle, desires, and financial capabilities.
So, NO! You don’t have to be filthy rich to be a Sugar Daddy. You just have to meet the lady that is looking for just the thing you are willing to offer.

What are sugar babies looking for

What are Sugar Babies looking for?

This varies from woman to woman, but most Sugar Babies are looking to be spoiled and to feel appreciated and pampered by the man sitting next to them. Some are looking for financial aid so that they can finish their studies, others are into the Sugar Dating experience because they are looking for a partner that can take them into trips around the world, others are looking for a Sugar Daddy that can buy them expensive gifts, while others are looking for a man that can take them out to fancy restaurants and spoil them with little presents.

Most Sugar Babies are stating their expectations on their profiles, so you can see from the start if you can meet her needs or not. And if you do, you are free to pursue her and try to plan a face to face first date.

Our advice is to browse the Sugar Babies profiles carefully. Read their description, go thorough their photos, see what their expectations are and only then decide if you send them a message or not.

By being realistic with your expectations and financial possibilities you increase your chances of successfully “closing the deal” with a Sugar Baby.

Are there any standards of being a Sugar Daddy?

That’s the amazing thing about being a Sugar Daddy! When entering the sugar community you don’t have to be a young stud, full of muscles and with a Brad Pitt face. You just have to be yourself, wear your age gracefully, be a strong man, a true gentleman, understand that rejection is a risk we all have to take in all aspects of our lives, be generous and be ready to have fun.

That hottie you’ve always dreamt of dating? She can be yours now!

Finally, you get to have the girl! That amazing hottie that felt intangible till now! And you don’t have to go to a hip place with loud music and compete with a younger dude, in order to win that woman that everyone is craving for.
Create an interesting description of yourself, showing all your strong assets – like your sense of humor, your wits, your passion for modern cuisine, your desire to travel the world, your generosity when it comes to offering the lady next to you, the lifestyle that she desires, and the ladies will soon start to appear.
It is finally your time to shine and enjoy being wanted. And it is all very transparent. You know from the beginning what this entire sugar relationship is all about: you know what you get for the things that you are willing to offer, without having to worry about dating a gold-digger or someone with hidden agendas or lives.

The amazing hot sugar babies


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