“All relationships are based on a financial agreement.”

All relationships are based on a financial agreement

“I’ve started Sugar Dating because I was sick and tired of the traditional dating. I’ve tried online dating apps, blind dates, being set-up by friends or family and so on, and it simply didn’t work out for me. One day, as I was admiring my friend’s gorgeous designer bag, wondering how she could afford such a precious thing, she told me all about her “secret life”. She showed me her Sugar Baby profile on the 4SD Sugar Dating website and told me all the perks of being in a mutual beneficial relationship.

I was mesmerized, this was the solution to all of my problems: casually dating someone and getting a monthly allowance or expensive gifts in return? It was perfect, especially after my last failed relationships when I felt screwed and dumped. At least now I was the one calling the shots: I could decide whom to date, establish some clear boundaries and clearly state my expectations.

Yeah, I can say that I started this Sugar Baby thing for the bling – I wanted to have nice bags, quality shoes, fine jewelry and someone to take me to places where I can display all that and feel pampered and appreciated.

Sugar Baby profile on the 4SD Sugar Dating

But being a Sugar Baby does not describe me entirely, there’s much about me than that and I can honestly say that I can fit my Sugar Dating around my lifestyle and not the other way around.

I still have a life of my own, a great group of friends with whom I like to travel and party, I love to read, to spend a nice weekend alone in my comfy home, to take my pup out in the park or finish the cooking course I’ve just started. It just happens that a couple of days per week I go on amazing dates with more mature men, with great careers, a lot of wisdom to share and the ability to treat me well.

Currently I have three Sugar Daddies, one that I see regularly, like two days per week, one that calls me every time he has to travel for work, asking me to accompany him, and another one that I get to see at least 3 times per month.

All the Sugar Daddies that I’ve encountered seem to look for something deeper, their main focus is on the relationship part – like having someone to talk to, feeling that they are listened and understood, having someone that can pump up their ego, make them feel manly and cared for. For them, the intimate part is an add on, a bonus.

Sugar Daddies are looking for someone to bring back the joy and youthfulness into their lives, o make them feel alive and appreciated.

And I do just that. For a few hours I make them feel important, I make them relax, laugh, dance, do crazy things and just forget about the infuriating boss from work or the yelling wife and naughty kids he has at home.

In my opinion every relationship is based on a financial agreement, even marriage! The only difference with my Sugar Dates is that I am not hiding that financial need and I am not looking for hidden ways to make my date fulfill some of my desires and wishes. My cards are all out on the table and so are my potential partner’s, and I like it that way! No beating around the bushes, pretending that my concrete, financial needs do not exist. I need someone to offer me a monthly allowance so I can have the means to look the part when we date and someone that can spoil me with nice gifts, and this is what my Sugar Daddies are doing for me!

Being a Sugar Baby empowers me to choose whom to date and decide what to do with the money I get in return, in order to make myself financially independent.

What’s more dishonest? Being in a relationship with financial purposes in mind, or letting your date know from the very beginning what your interest are?! For now, this lifestyle works perfectly both for me and for my Sugar Daddies. In the meantime I’m working on building a future for myself, so we’ll just see where Sugar Dating will take me 😊.”

Being a Sugar Baby empowers me to choose whom to date and decide what to do with the money I get in return, in order to make myself financially independent.


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